2XA Series

2X-A two stage rotary vane vacuum pump is belt-drive structure with large speed and high vacuum degree. It’s very reliable used in vacuum coating machine pump system as pre-pump.

They’re not only used for refrigerators, air conditioners, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, bottles of bile to production, but also used formetallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electronics, electric vacuum,semiconductor, food, atomic energy, textile, oil filter, printing machinery, packaging machines and other industries. In addition, in thevacuum smelting, vacuum brazing, vacuum impregnation, vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum drying, vacuum packaging process also uses 2X series rotary vane vacuum pump.

It can be used as the pre pump of diffusion pump, roots pump and molecular pump for electronic instruments, medical equipment and other supporting application and experimental research.

Because the rotary vane vacuum pump is made of black metal, and more sophisticated, so the rotary vane vacuum pump is not suitable for suction the gas with too much oxygen, toxic, explosive gases, it cannot be used as compressor and pump either. However, If the pump with gas ballast, it can be pumping condensable vapor gas.