2XZ Series

2XZ series direct-driven rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the main vacuum equipment pumping gas from the sealed container. It not only can be used alone, but also can be a backing pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, turbo molecularpump and titanium pump. It can be used for electric vacuum device manufacturing, Thermos manufacturing, vacuum welding, printing, plastic, refrigeration equipment repair and instrument repair facilities, etc.

Because of its small volume, light weight, low noise, thus, it’s more suitable for using in the lab. When the ambient temperature range under 40o Celcius, the air inlet pressure is less than 1.3 × 103 Pa, it’s allowed long-term continuous operation, However, when pumped gas relative humidity above 90%, it should open the gas ballast valve.

2XZ series direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pump is not available for pumping gas with corrosive, oxygen, explosive, toxic,etc.